One of the foremost artists followed by the world music lovers and the great talent of Algeria, Souad Massi is coming to Ankara for the first time.

Due to her political contented music which she mostly sings in Arabic and French as well as Kabyle and English, Souad Massi was forced to move from Algeria to France. She comes from a family of performers. Her elder brother is a composer, her younger brother does new jack music and her little sister is a dancer. With the support of her family, she began performing on many stages with her guitar at the age of 17. But at the same time, she was in a flamenco band "Les Trianas d’Alger" and founded the rock band “Atakor” which she recorded one album and travelled through Algeria for seven years. Hereby, she could both find the occasion to get to know her country in detail as well as bringing regional tunes into her music. In 1999, Massi was invited to perform at the Femmes d'Algerie (Women from Algeria) festival in Paris, which took her out of the surging atmosphere of Algeria of the 90’s where she started to receive death threats. Paris audiences were astounded by her performance and deeply moved by her voice as well as her fantastic capacity to pass on feelings beyond the language barriers. Following this concert, Souad Massi signed a contract with the record label Island-Mercury. In June 2001, she released her solo debut album, Raoui (Storyteller), combining different music styles (folk, chaâbi, rock), which became a critical and commercial success in France. Regarded as a reflection of the protest artists of the 60’s with her rhythmic melodies, Massi manages to charm her audience in every concert with her sweet and pure voice. After Raoui (2001), Souad Massi relased four more albums; Deb (2003), Mesk Elil (2005), Acoustique (2008) and Ô Houria (2010). With her likeable and cheerful character, she is one of the activist artists among others and often compared to Joan Baez or Tracy Chapman. Awarded with prestigious “BBC Radio 3” in 2002 and two gold albums in France, Souad Massi is one of the leading world music ambassadors of our day.

: 07 March 2017
: 20:30


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