Tunisian jazz musician Dhafer Youssef will be on festival stage with his new album ‘Diwan of Beauty & Odd’


The Tunisian great Oud Master, Vocalist and Composer Dhafer Youssef once said quite spontaneously “There is no prototype for beauty”. This disarmingly unconditional statement is in fact sufficient to sum up the motivation and sound of his new album Diwan Of Beauty & Odd.


Following the outstanding success of his last album Birds Requiem, with over 50,000 copies sold worldwide, The great Oud master and consummate vocalist Dhafer Youssef returns to present on the stage of the … the most anticipated album of 2016: Diwan Of Beauty And Odd, a feat of musicianship where the prolific Tunisian composer asserts his position as one of the most innovative musicians of the last decade.


The 11 compositions of Diwan Of Beauty And Odd are an exploration of one of most attractive dualities, that of the beautiful and the strange. With his extraordinary ability to transcend genres and the limits of simple meters, Dhafer plays with the asymmetrical quality of odd meters to deliver a musical feat of intriguing complexity that yet remains infinitely beautiful and apprehensible. The genius of Dhafer lies here, in composing music that expresses through harmony the extraordinary dynamic of opposites animating our world.

: 08 March 2017
: 20:30


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