Altus Arts & Culture once again welcomes the most remarkable ensembles and musicians from Nordic countries.

Iceland's impressive vocal, Emilia Torrini, who always is compared to another Icelandic legend Björk, will perform together with The Colorists at ANMF for the first time in Ankara on Dec 4th, 2016.

The owner of the most peaceful voice ever, Emilia Torrini, who injected the most indispensible song "To be Free" to our lives, and also who has created the magnificant "Gollum's Song" we hear at the end of the movie "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", will be on ANMF stage.

Icelandic vocalist Emiliana Torrini enthusiastically accepted the challenge of letting her songs be reworked by The Colorist. Torrini scored a worldwide hit with ‘Jungle Drum’, but let’s forget that rakatung ketung ketuketuke tungtung for a moment. Performing live, The Colorist strip back Torrini’s layers and rattle the arrangements, until all that is left is the core of her songs and their vocal line. This challenging musical balancing act takes Torrini out of her comfort zone as a singer and gives her songs a new dimension. A surprising and compelling live-experience!

The Colorist is the eight-member ensemble put together by drummer Aarich Jespers (Zita Swoon, Kiss My Jazz) and percussionist Kobe Proesmans (Gabriel Rios). They play adventurous, out-of-the-box music that nevertheless manages to appeal to a wide audience. Using conventional instruments (piano, strings, clarinet…) underpinned by self-built percussion instruments (Jespers is also an instrument builder) The Colorist create a highly individual and intriguing sound spectrum that entices other artists into adventurous collaborations.

: 04 December 2016
: 21:00


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