Master of kamanche and baglama born in Dagestan, a man of deep melodies, Mark Eliyahu will be on stage for the first time in Ankara.

Born to a distinguished musicologist, composer and a tar player father, Mark Eliyahu turned to Turkish, Iranian and Azerean music after being disappointed with the violin. Spent time in Greece as the student of Irish-Greek Ross Dally and in Baku, studying with musician Adalat Vazirov, finally settling in Israel in 1999. Released ‘The Spirit of the East’ with his father and toured the world with him. Performed at the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony together with the Philarmonic Orchestra and amazed the crowds at world renowned festival such as Piyot Festival in Jerusalem, International Oud Festival, Jewish Festival of Krakow and the prestigious Fabrica Festival in Italy. His performance at Paris Pompidou Center immediately became an urban legend. sound sound Feel the soul, the tears and the joy of the Middle East and the Balkans in the excellent harmony of percussion and bow instruments.

: 10 March 2016
: 20:30


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