The underground icon of the Arab world Yasmine Hamdan is coming to Ankara at for the first time at Ankara Palas stage on November 17, 2015.

Yasmine Hamdan, with origins in Lebanon, became an underground icon in the Arab world with the first indie/electronic band to appear in the Middle East "Soapkills" which she formed in the 2000s. Hamdan moved to Paris after the war and started to work with Marwais who was a producer and songwriter on some of Madonna's albums. Yasmine and Mirwais recorded the "Arabology" album and Hamdan paid her gratitude to the land where she was born, trying to break the bad reputation of the Arab image. Hamdan draws from the emotional depth and subtle social criticism of the great Arab women singers, yet she takes a personal, unconventional approach with her vocals, and she underlines that the acoustic melodies that emerge in the intense electronic sound originate from Kate Bush, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey whom she used to listen to growing up. The artist is also involved in world cinema, having composed for many films and appeared in cult director Jim Jarmusch's film. Nicknamed “Goddess,” you won't forget Yasmine Hamdan's supple voice.

: 17 November 2015
: 20:30


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