Hailed as the “Prince of Fado” and the greatest fadista since the legendary Amalia Rodrigues, award-winning Portuguese vocalist Camané will be performing at Ankara Palas on 27th March.

‘Prince of Fado’ to woo Ankara audience!

Camane started singing at the age of 8 and made his first album in 1995 , produced by Jose Mario Branco. His albums sold over 6 million copies. After Amalia Rodrigues, known as the Queen of Fado, Camane is the Fado Prince they say. The fado is undoubtedly Portugal’s most famous music. It is also a most rewarding experience which amply repays any effort that may be entailed in its initial appreciation. Meaning fate or destiny, Fado music -- which is essentially Portuguese -- describes a longing for something never fully realized. Camané’s interest in the melancholic genre began when at the age of eight, on a day he was bedridden at home with the flu, he decided to sift through an unused record collection in his family home. Having started to gain recognition in 1979 after winning the Grande Noite do Fado (Great Fado Night) Camané’s first album “Uma Noite de Fados” was released in 1995 to great acclaim. This was followed by the worldwide release of five others, the latest –- “Sempre de Mim” –- hitting stores in 2008. In recent years, Camané’s younger brothers Helder and Pedro have also established themselves amongst the greats of Fado music, releasing their own work to critical acclaim.

: 27 March 2015
: 20:30


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