The ladino singer, Mor Karbasi from Jerusalem, will be in Ankara for the first time with her outstanding performance on January 21st.

Altus Arts & Culture proudly presents Mor Karbasi concert.

Mor Karbasi burst onto the global world music scene in 2008 with the release of her first album, and has continued to capture audiences internationally with her gorgeous, exceptional voice and looks to match. She was born April 23, 1986 in Jerusalem, to a mother from Nazareth of Moroccan descent and a father from Jerusalem of Persian ancestry. Mor is a young woman whose music is influenced by several cultures, though mainly by her Jewish heritage. As already mentioned, with Jewish influences, but also Persian, Moroccan, Spanish and of course Israeli.

All her influences come together in her predominately Sephardic Jewish repertoire: from traditional Jewish songs, to her own contemporary compositions. Karbasi was exposed to music at an early age, by her mother. Mor’s great grandmother was a ‘mekonenet’, a woman chosen by the congregation to sing laments to mourn the dead during funeral ceremonies, and her great grandfather was known in Morocco as prominent rabbi, a very wise man, with a great knowledge of the Torah and of the Kabbalah. 

Musical influences included such great talents as Um Kulthum, Amalia Rodrigues, Madre Deus, and Mercedes Sosa. Mor started writing her own material, in the spirit of the Sephardi repertoire in order to revive it and as a way to search for her own voice. The catalyst for this creative process was a chance meeting with a special young guitarist called Joe Taylor, in a small town in the Sinai. Mor and Joe then moved to London with couple of songs at hand. They've been living in London for the past couple of years where together with her partner, the guitarist Joe Taylor, she has recently recorded her second album “La Hija de la Primavera” (Daughter of the Spring).

: 21 January 2015
: 20:30


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