Percussion wizard Tatu Rönkkö and indie folk rock band Efterklang will be at METU Culture and Congress Center Kemal Kurdaş Hall as part of Ankara Nordic Music Festival on November 7, 2014.

Percussion wizard Tatu Rönkkö (FIN) and indie folk rock band Efterklang (DEN) will perform together at Ankara Nord. 
Formed in 2001. They have have produced so far – most notably across three acclaimed albums, 2004’s 'Tripper', 2007’s "Parades" and 2010’s "Magic Chairs" – have each explored different directions, each an end product of remarkably studied songcraft and emotional resonance. But "Piramida" (2012) is perhaps the band’s greatest achievement: an album bringing the outside in, informed by frozen time and the relics humanity leaves in its expanding wake.

When the band first saw photographs of a forgotten settlement called Piramida, slowly dying, on Spitsbergen, an island midway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole. Over nine days, Efterklang accumulated over a thousand field recordings from the many and varied environments they encountered.

Along the new album Efterklang has also launched "The Piramida Concerts" which premiered in a unique concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in Sydney Opera House. In total the band played 16 of these orchestral concerts in connection with the release of the "Piramida" album.   

Percussion, drums: Tatu Rönkkö
Electronics, programming, various instruments: Mads Christian Brauer
Vocals, various instruments: Casper Clausen
Bass: Rasmus Stolberg

: 07 November 2014
: 21:00


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