The product of 6 soul searching young musician from London, Oi Va Voi will be performing at CerModern stage on September 27, 2014.

It's over 10 years since Oi Va Voi first embarked on their musical and cultural voyage of discovery. Six young Londoners with varied influences joined together with a common aim: To reinvigorate the sounds of their Eastern European and Jewish roots.

Their debut album Laughter Through Tears fused modern dance music, singer-songwriter sensitivity and their Jewish cultural heritage with global rhythms drawn from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Adding KT Tunstall into the mix on vocals, the band were well on their way.

Laughter Through Tears received rave reviews and won two awards at the BBC Radio 2 World Music awards. Yet anybody who saw Oi Va Voi’s spectacular live shows was left in little doubt that they were far more than a world music act with an enviable ability to rock a crowd and get a dance floor heaving. The album went on to sell more than 100,000 copies worldwide. 

The follow up album, Oi Va Voi was greeted with great press acclaim in Europe, and beyond but within a month of its release the group’s label, V2, was sold to Universal and closed down. Undaunted, the band regrouped in the spring of 2008. They knew that the only way for them to have real, long lasting success on their own terms was to take control of every aspect of their career. The band played a string of festivals across Europe, pouring all profits into the recording of their third studio album

: 27 September 2014
: 20:30


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