The Beady Belle core of Beate S. Lech on vocals (possibly one of, if not THE most consistent vocalist in the Norwegian scene), Marius Reksjø on bass, and Erik Holm on drums is augmented by David Wallumrød on keys (a much-lauded keyboardist whose name shows up on diverse albums and whose sound is more expressive than its origins would lead you to expect) and fellow Jazzland Recordings artist, Torun Eriksen provides additional vocals (Torun herself being yet another consistent vocalist from the Norwegian scene with several great albums of her own).

Based upon the novel "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith, a critically acclaimed novel dealing with London-based immigrants struggling with assimilation into the dominant culture of their new home, while attempting to preserve their own culture, Beady Belle have created a musical framework that dispenses with the lush country-tinged smooth jazz arrangements found on albums such as "Belvedere" and "At Welding Bridge" and instead embraces a kind of minimalist soul and funk. Of course, the melodies and chord progressions, the basic musical nuts and bolts, are all unmistakeably "Beady Belle", but the sound choices are entirely new.

: 31 October 2013
: 21:30


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