Ireneusz Krosny is undoubtedly the most famous and recognizable comic mime in Poland. He is loved by his audience in Poland. By his art, the clarity and originality of form he has gained a large public all over the world. Ireneusz Krosny has created comic pantomime spectacles. The power of his miming comes from two sources; the first is his extraordinary creativity. His etudes describe both the history and present day aspects of public and social life. In his scenes, he doesn't avoid the absurd or abstraction. Each etude is completed with a surprising point, sending a message; the second source is Krosny 's own original style. He has created his own original technique of miming, transparent like the elocution of the actor, making each movement understandable, without attracting attention to the technique itself.

This gives the spectator the feeling that miming is an easy work. He doesn't use a makeup. In particular he doesn 't whiten his face. Krosny always performs in a black, neutral costume. The Chicago Reader when awarding Krosny with its prize, described him with the words - "fresh, funny, irresistible."

: 27 February 2013
: 20:30


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