Organised by Altus Arts & Culture,  APF is welcoming Italian pianists Danilo Rea & Ramin Bahrami at Ankara Piano Festival on April 6th, 2019.


“BACH IS IN THE AIR” is a small miracle, an amazing idea of Danilo Rea, a Jazz master improviser renowned all around the world, and Ramin Bahrami, considered one of the most interesting interpreters of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music of our days, that for the first time in history of music, capture the contemporary spirit and throw a bridge to ears that are used differently. Bahrami’s specialization together with Rea’s fantasy and extravagance, will serve to further spread this giant, three centuries away.

Bach is in the air comes from a small miracle, and it is Danilo Rea, the great pianist and improviser, with a history of classical studies behind him, who, even before the miracle takes place, perceives the brilliance of being able to realize it. But the most incredible thing is, that for the first time in music history, through improvisation Danilo revolutionizes and creates an indissoluble interlacing with the original versions of Bach-Bahrami, his universal message in jazz language.

A project which is a ‘’unicum’’, and inimitable one is tempted to say: Bahrami’s specialization along with Rea’s creativity and imagination, never an end in itself. A reimagining which certainly does not intend to betray the message - Bach is able to defend himself on his own- but rather catch the contemporary spirit and build a bridge towards ears familiar with different sounds, which in the intentions of the duo should only serve to give further diffusion to this giant who after three centuries fully preserves his relevance.



Yes, at heart Bach is already completely there, in this air which opens and closes the most beautiful cycle of variations for keyboard ever written, gem of the gems by the composer of whom everything seems to be born.

A sublime, ethereal cycle, which comes from a very practical and daily exigency: the wish to rest, to find again sleep and peace.

A problem which the great Bach was well able to understand, given his constant and tireless work, but also his love for life in all its aspects: art, certainly, but also family, love, enjoyment, good food and drink and,

needless to say, sleep.

: 06 April 2019
: 20:30


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