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The terms of use and confidentiality policy of the web site of www.altusorg.com have been determined in accordance with the terms written below.

This web site hereby belongs to 'Altus Organizasyon Tanıtım Turizm Oto Kiralama Hizmetleri A.Ş' which shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Altus Organization” and all utilization authorities shall belong to “Altus Organization” The users will be assumed to have read and accepted the conditions written in terms of use and confidentiality pages by accessing and using the web site www.altusorg.com. For this reason please read the user terms and conditions before starting viewing the site.

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Altus Organization, accepts and commits that all information given in the web site are correct and updated and shall not be responsible against the users of the web site for any delays or similar problems due to the inaccessibility or access problems during the content updating process.

Altus Organization, shall not have any responsibility against the users of the web site concerning the problems to be occurred due to the connections given to the websites of third parties over www.altusorg.com. The legal provisions concerning the utilization of the mentioned web sites are subject to the User Terms and Confidentiality Policies of those web sites.

The contents and images within the web site www.altusorg.com belong to Altus Organization. The only exclusion for this condition is the logos and trademarks which belong to the third parties and organizations that have been used in the part “What we have done” within the web page of Altus Organization. The contents and images within the site cannot be copied, duplicated and published without granting permission. It is possible to make reference provided that the source is demonstrated

The internet site www.altusorg.com does not have any membership module so it does not contain and keep the personal information of the users. The only exclusion of this condition is the cookies, which are stored automatically by the internet scanner. These cookies store the statistical information including the visiting frequency and the pages visited by the users. The cookie usage of the internet scanners are not personal. Altus Organization shall not be responsible for the problems to occur due to usage of cookies.

Altus Organization keeps the right to change the provisions of these terms of use and confidentiality policy reserved

Ankara Courts will be authorized in resolution of the conflicts to occur due to the using of this web site.


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